Old Town

Old Town
Pioneer Square

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Block 7: The Home Stretch: Part 2

The apartment is, finally, empty, except for my bed, a dying lounge chair and a small TV. Lined along one wall are: the purple steamer trunk, three boxes, two carry-ons and my backpack.

The last remaining challenge--closing on the studio--has become my main concern now. The process must be respected. But I leave 9/1...arrive 9/5...start work at my new store 9/7...and still can't change my address.

Grace under pressure. I know, I know, I know...Nothing to do except wait, put in a great last week at work and keep tinkering with the contents of the trunk and my carry-ons. A half-year's labor's nearly done. Try to enjoy this last week, Reb MacRath.

The sweet payoff's coming fast:

The view from that studio window will look a little like this:

Yes, it's true, I'm really on The Hallelujah Trail!

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