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Old Town
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Block 6: Putting It All Together: 2nd Flash Bulletin

Keeping it real, my results have been mixed. From here on I'll need to be persistent, resourceful and lucky. No cause yet to panic but signs to take care.

1) I've gotten a feel for the city and know that this is It for me.
2) I've gotten my reduced fare reloadable bus card at half what I now pay in Charlotte.
3) I've established that the cost of living is not significantly higher than in Charlotte for a nonsmoker and nondrinker.
4) I've met with two branch managers of my current employer and have checked in with Randstad Staffing, who've asked me to email my resume.
5) I've found a studio apartment building that really rings my bells.

Setbacks and Hurdles:
1) The bookstore seems to be a bust. Reaction there was frosty and defensive. Failed to meet the manager, who was never there when I was told to come. Repeated remarks about not hiring part-time help seemed to show hostile awareness of my letter to the owner outlining part-time advantages with the new higher minimum wage.
2) Business there wasn't strong on the four days I dropped by...though it was bustling at Barnes and Noble.
3) The new minimum wage won't take effect till next year.
4)  A recent dispute with my Charlotte boss may pose a more serious threat than I'd feared. Company policy mandates that any other manager must approach him about a transfer. The first Seattle manager I approached declined to approach alternative store references--and I had no choice but to tell him I'd disputed my last review.  Couldn't quite read his  reaction to that, but he said have my manager call him. I tried a different tack with a second manager. Am guardedly optimistic but we'll see how it goes...soon.
5) The perfect studio for me would cost the same as my new Charlotte rent. But we won't know availability till 8/11. Next size up would be bigger and $100-150 -more.

And so the frontline battle goes. Stay tuned!

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