Old Town

Old Town
Pioneer Square

Monday, August 4, 2014

Block 6: Putting It All Together: 1st Flash Bulletin

The real hunt begins: I've arrived here for a 3-day scouting trip.

Saturday: Wrestled with the jet leg demons and, after checking into my hotel, set off to find Elliott Bay Book Company. A very long walk because of a confusing walking map which showed 10th Ave segue-ing off from Broadway. As I got further and further from the action, I became concerned. But no one had heard of the store or knew exactly where Broadway became 10th. I despaired. This made no sense! Finally, a lovely tattooed lady with a GPS, showed me the 10th Ave I wanted-- miles back...just blocks from where I had turned onto Broadway.

Found the bookstore, introduced myself and picked up an application, arranging to meet the manager on Monday. Walking back to the hotel, I passed a branch of the store where I work in Charlotte. Introduced myself, learned there may be an opening and arranged to meet the manager on Tuesday. And, just blocks from my hotel, I chanced upon another. So I dropped in, etc.

Sunday: My walking day. I decided to consult my map rarely if at all, walking as I like to walk, with my tootsies in the lead. In the course of the day I discovered Belltown, Downtown, the Public Market, the piers, Capitol Hill...And while I walked I also worked, noting the numbers of a leasing company advertising studio apartments and a Randstad Staffing office with a Jobs Now sign...and a giant Target for cheap water, snacks and personal fare.

Monday: Today I know I need to hit it on all eights.

Stay tuned. And sorry for the absence of pictures this time. Couldn't add them from my Fire.

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