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Old Town
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Block 7: The Home Stretch: Part 1

This seems as good a time as any to bring to start phasing out of this part of the blog: plans and preparations for the cross-country move to Seattle.

--I've bought my train ticket, departing 9/1 at 7 a.m.
--I've successfully arranged a transfer to my employer's Seattle branch.
--Last night I ensured that the contents of the trunk weigh less than fifty pounds and reduced the boxes from 4 to 3 by pruning and combining.
--I've sent my application and fee to a studio apartment building in walking distance of where I'll work in Seattle. 

Major tasks remaining:
1) Arrange transportation of trunk and boxes to Amtrak Baggage the day before departure.
2) Try to avoid expensive cab fare to station at 5 a.m. 9/1.
3) Gently nudge employer into confirmation of salary and starting date.
4) Pray that studio building manager won't demand a full month's security and will pro-rate the rent for September.
5) Carefully, carefully, carefully pack the carry-on luggage--ensuring that it contains all necessary paperwork, charge cords for phone and Fire, address book, etc.
6) Clean the apartment a little each day.
7) Dry clean remaining shirts. 
8) Have laundry washed and folded--and wear as little as possible next week before departure.

Now's not the time to get sloppy or coast, not this close to:

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