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Old Town
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Block 6: Putting it All Together: 3rd Flash Bulletin

Yesterday, I raced straight from the airport to see my store manager. I announced my desire to transfer and asked where I stood for a reference. Though I'd done good work the past five years, we've had a few differences. He assured me there'd be no problem and thanked me for giving him ample notice to find a replacement.

I should learn where I stand by this weekend. Knowing that, I can complete the apartment application (which will require store salary verification).

For now, this one leaves one major hurdle: how to ship my trunk and boxes. So, rather than wait any longer, Reb MacRath--the fleet-footed warrior--Googled the morning away. Result:

Train will be the right way to travel and move. I can bring two carry-ons and check two boxes for free, then check in two more boxes (of 50 lbs apiece) for $20 each.

As for the trunk: I had to email Amtrak. If they can't handle the trunk, I'll contact truckers on my next week off.

Next step: prepare to step up roommate search if the studio doesn't pan out.

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