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Old Town
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Block 6: Putting It All Together: 5th Flash Bulletin

Events have taken a dramatic turn and everything is moving now at the speed of fright.

--Moving date has been bumped forward a couple of weeks--from September 10-15 to September 1. This date coincides with the end of a 7-night work rotation and the expiration of my apartment lease.

--A strong reference from my present boss led, today, to a confirmed transfer to one of two Seattle stores that interested me most. I'll start soon after I arrive, exact date to be determined.

--I've committed to moving by train, a journey of about 5 days, so I can carry on or check most of my belongings. May need to mail one box.

--Have begun looking into shipping my steamer trunk by Amtrak as well.

This week I must apply for the studio apartment I looked at last week. And next week I need to start cleaning the Charlotte apartment.

At the rate things are proceeding, it won't be long before I get another cat.

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