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Old Town
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Saturday, September 6, 2014

A New Beginning for This Blog

So, here I am after a half-year of preparation: the Seattle Kid has arrived!

Let's let the seven Blocks remain as a self-contained, short chronicle of one man's plans and preparations for a long, challenging task...plus the strategies and actions involved in his pulling it off. The daily maintenance of faith and motivation proved every bit as important as those.

But why prolong a story that's come to its natural end? I'm here; I succeeded; I now get to face a better class of challenges. The seven Blocks will still be there for anyone planning a difficult move, a risky career move, a frighteningly intricate project. That said, though, it's time to bounce to a more open, adventuresome format.

The (title TBA) portion of this blog will debut October 5 and further chronicles will follow on the first Sunday of each month. The format is still under construction, but you can look forward to breezy, provocative and entertaining installments each month.I see sections like a newspaper's but way shorter and strictly on point: front page announcements, city news, business (career/economic/ebook news), entertainment, sports (gym/tai chi--or Aikido if my age allows it). Gee, if I get lucky I may even throw in a Romance page. Short guest pieces by other writers? We'll see.

So put this on your calendars. The (title TBA) debuts October 5.

Till then!

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