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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Block 5: Action Hero Time: Checklist #2

A few items remain on the first checklist, but I'm on track with the thirty-day timeline, and pleased. Now's the time to take some time to fine-tune the overall game plan.

Room/Roommate Arrangements
( x )  Expand search beyond Craig's List, including roommate.com and an ad placed in 'Seattle's Only Newspaper', The Stranger (comparable to Creative Loafing).
( x ) Emphasize location desired, rental/job stability--and preference for initial 3-6 month commitment.

( x ) Continue and intensify workout regimen: 3 resistance training days, 2 cycling sessions in between...and High Intensity Interval Training on Saturdays.
( x ) Daily protein drinks and juices.
( x ) One high-protein meal daily (chicken allowed till I reach the right shape).
( x ) Reboot hair style with senior stylist July 23.
(  ) Total juice fast for 2 days/nights this week, July 13-20.
( x ) Buy new running shoes before the August trip.

(  ) Return to daily meditation for at least 15-20 minutes.
( x ) Begin devoting, daily, as much attention to my thoughts and attitude as I do toward the trunk and four boxes.
( x ) Continue to try to reach C, the old school chum I've drifted from. He should still be in LA.
( x ) Also call or email S in Portland.
( x ) Try to further strengthen family ties before I leave for the West Coast.

( x ) Prepare to visit my job references before the August trip.
( x ) Gauge disposition of my present boss from upcoming review.
( x ) Begin preparing the packages for Seattle store branch and book stores.

The next two weeks are critical, so it's time to sign off and fine-tune for dear life.

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