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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Block 4: Mastering the Seattle Quickstep: Part 3

Not everyone will like the fact that you're able to do a great quickstep--including a floor glide like this one. There'll be those glare and snap: "Yeah, well s/he can do the moves because s/he has those long legs and atrim body...the moves come naturally to her/him...s/he doesn't have children and now has more time...s/he has money to burn...and s/heis, to be brutally honest, a lucky bitch or bastard."

You won't hear a word about the long years of training and stretching...the endless pratfalls that you took while trying to make it look easy....the loneliness and hunger...the imagination and nerve that went into bettering your finances...the terrible joe jobs you had to perform...the years of rejection and failure...

Envy and meanness can suck the soul out of your quickstep, if you allow them to do that. And the best way to empower them is to try to justify the joy that you take in your dance. So get your tootsies into gear and do the cool dance that defines you.

These reflections follow my learning that some staff at my old second job are bitter that I quit--though my leaving didn't impact them at all and the back-to-back shifts had been killers. I wish them all well. I have nothing to say except what is far better said with my feet.

My new laptop's up and running.
My seventh ebook's nearly ready to launch and my eighth one is well under way.
I'm seeing results from my workouts and the switch to circuit training.
I've accomplished these things without maligning anyone.

My soundtrack is really quite simple and clear:

Action Log:
06/25: Last night I tackled the one task that's daunted me most from the start: condensing a wild chaos of personal/professional papers into one neatly packed. For over a month I'd been pruning and sorting them into file folders. Now the folders covered my entire bedroom floor. The time had come. I had to know. And two hours later I breathed a long sigh of relief: the folders fit into one box with a bit of room to spare. Some pruning and fine-tuning remain, but at this point I've made successful trial runs on the purple steamer trunk and three boxes: papers, books, CDs/DVDs. One last box remains: for manuscripts, notebooks, floppy discs. 

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