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Old Town
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Heartfelt and Buoyant Farewell

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Since March 2014 this blog has been several things to me:
--For the first six months, it chronicled my cross-country move: from packing to planning to parring down my possessions to a trunk and just four boxes...
--During that same stretch it served as a motivational force and an illustration to readers of how one man set a long-distance goal and kept himself on track.
--The blog transformed, after my arrival in Seattle in September 2014, into The Seattle Rock, a monthly online 'zine exploring the city and and describing my adventures: finding and furnishing a studio...searching for a better job and greater success in the ebook arena...

For eighteen months, the blog's had a good run. I've chosen to stop now while it's still at a manageable size for new readers: six months of preparation and 12 monthly editions of the Seattle Rock.

Thanks for your support and your interest in my Seattle adventure. As I begin my second year in the Cool Gray City of Uncommon Funk, I wish you the best on your own quests and adventures.

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